About Value Trust Banking

The term "Value Trust Bank" has for ever been synonymous with a guarantee for reliable, confidential and sophisticated services for customers. These features have been developed over the years because we operate in a modern, liberal and politically very stable nation with a strong economy. It is therefore no coincidence that Value Trust banks are the first choice for global wealth management.

Above all, we are a bank designed with our customers in mind. Having tackled a variety of private requirements, we decided to forge this path for our business. Over time such requirements have defined our mission: discussing and acting alongside our customers in order to offer them our banking services. We are a bank with an extensive international culture and a high intellectual profile. Our managers have held prestigious roles with international banking groups and have attained a very high cultural and professional level. Over the years we have grown thanks to innovative projects and as a result we are able to help our customers achieve ambitious goals. Last but not least, we are a successful bank for our customers, our shareholders and our employees.

We interpret the notion of Value & Trust quality services in your favor through:

  • Safeguarding confidentiality
  • Highly personalized relationships
  • Offering individual solutions for investment
  • Risk management skills
  • Prompt response