Our Services

Advisory and Asset Management

If you are an investor wishing to keep full control of your affairs, Axle Swiss Bank offers you the possibility of managing your assets directly making use of our Private Banking advisors. You will be able to discuss with them your investment ideas albeit reserving the right to take the final decision. The Advisory Mandate will also allow you to have access to our financial research. All securities and currency transactions will be carried out by our specialists in full compliance with "best execution" regulations. Axle Swiss Bank avails itself of a team specialized in derivatives, structured and listed products. The team is available if you wish to optimize the yield or minimize the risks of your portfolio and will offer you personalized solutions.

When you entrust us with your portfolio management you will at the same time establish a close relationship with our Bank. Together we shall choose a personalized management strategy on the basis of your goals, your asset structure and your degree of acceptable risk. Your fund manager will mainly be your access point to our Bank diverse services and specialists. If required, we can also undertake an overall analysis of your financial situation that will include all the different assets as well as any changes in your income (financial, business, real estate, intangible assets or liabilities).

This will enable us to offer the best investment solutions to suit your needs, such as:

  • optimizing the asset allocation;
  • using specific investment themes;
  • financial planning.
Services on offer
  • Full range of private banking services
  • Asset Management and Advisory Mandates
  • “Execution only” accounts
  • Wealth and financial planning
  • Corporate and legal advisory service for customers
  • Lombard Credits
  • Insurance policies
  • Asset management
Custody Services

Axle Swiss Bank offers efficient Custody services for a wide range of financial instruments. These services are available to both private and institutional clients.